Who is 360 Recruiting Solutions?

360 Recruiting Solutions implements a 7-Step Recruitment Cycle to ensure the recruiting process is successful and we deliver the highest customer service levels for our clients and candidates.

7-Step Recruiting Process

Client Needs

Before we engage on a search, we will determine the client needs. Particulars of the position will be discussed in detail. This might require several conversations and/or meetings with hiring managers/key stakeholders to ensure we have the information needed to find the right candidate. We will prepare a comprehensive assignment overview to ensure that we have a full understanding of the requirement covering technical experience, competencies and personality traits.
Step 1

Talent Search

Once we understand the client’s needs, we will prepare a detailed talent profile blueprint. We will then conduct extensive research into the market and identify target organizations and individuals to approach.
Step 2

Talent Selection

We will reach out to the most suitable candidates, while ensuring confidentiality, through our referrals, direct recruiting, and extensive network of existing candidates.
Step 3

Interview Process – Long List

All candidates will be pre-screened via various forms of telecommunications, and where possible, met in person; a structured interview will be conducted by our firm. The most qualified profiles will be added to a short list of preferred candidates to be reviewed by the client.
Step 4

Interview Process – Short List

Once a short list of candidates is identified, we will arrange personal interviews between the client and candidates. The shortlist will include the candidates who are the most qualified to perform in the vacancy. We will arrange interviews for the candidates and the client, and ensure that candidates are properly briefed about the role.
Step 5


Following client interviews, we will thoroughly debrief with the client and candidates and will provide further coordination between both parties regarding the next steps of the interview and/or offer process. The client will make their selection based on who they feel would best fit the skill set, culture, and chemistry of their organization. We will manage the offer and negotiation of compensation package to ensure that both parties are satisfied and that the offer is ultimately accepted. We will remain in contact with the incumbent candidate to guide them through the transition into their newly accepted role, including resignation and notice period at their previous employer.
Step 6

Post-Placement Follow Up

Once the candidate starts in their new role, we will stay in touch with both parties to ensure a smooth transition. This may include monthly, quarterly, and yearly “check ins” to ensure a perfect match has been made.
Step 7

  Onboarding Best Practices

Once you have hired the best and brightest talent for your company, make sure you start off on the right track. We recommend you have an “onboarding” plan in place before the incumbent arrives on their first day. This would include sending the candidate their new hire paperwork ahead of time, so they can come prepared with the completed paperwork on their first day. It’s a great idea to engage with the candidate with a “one-on-one” immediately on the first day to provide them a backstory of what’s been going on within your organization. Make sure to introduce them to the team and key members with whom they will be working closely. Lastly, check in with them regularly to ensure they are comfortable and they have everything they need to be successful in their new endeavor with your company.

Please call 360 Recruiting Solutions should you need any more guidance regarding the onboarding process.

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